LyAnne Peacock
So for this, the cover was created for a CD cover for a scholarship portfolio. I wanted to play with art and tracing/vectoring in Illustrator. I enjoy this style but usually it is drawn via pencil and pen so wanted to create something a little different by trying it on the computer. I wanted to throw in my enjoyment of steampunk transforming a ship into a steampunk style ship and giving gamma rays an actual solid yet wispy appearance to give it a little surreal feel. <br />
<br />
The monogram on the right is a self drawn monogram for my logo which was created on a sketchbook then I shot a picture of the sketch and vectored it in illustrator. The monogram was inspired by Albrecht Durer and his creation of his own monogram for his signature. Then I combined that with a traditional process we learned in Typography and a vectoring process learned last semester in Computer Graphics to create the final version of my signature. It was enjoyable I have to say.<br />
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Year Completed: 2017<br />
Software Used: Adobe Illustrator CS5<br />
Artist: LyAnne Peacock with J.L.Peacock Studios <br />
Website:  <a href=""></a><br />
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